Talking about race is an important part of moving forward and igniting change. With so many resources out there, we’ve compiled a list of our go-to’s discussing race equality, racism, and how you can do better.


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1. #CitylineReal on Race

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Hosted by Cityline’s Tracy Moore this podcast is a five-episode series aimed at tackling important discussions on race and in inequality in Canadian society.

“Looking to evolve the dialogue beyond the headlines, #CitylineReal on Race engages new passionate thought-leaders each episode to delve into specific topics related to racism, with the goal of bringing about impactful change.”

These episodes include:

1. History of Anti-Black Racism in Canada which dives deep into the history of Canada and Black history in Canada.

2. Activism and what you as a Canadian can do now.

3. White Privilege and Fragility – What is Performative Allyship

4. Microaggression – The Do’s and Don’ts – Focusing on race, privilege, and how to achieve systemic change.

5. Black Trans Lives Matter and Black Women’s Lives Matter – Listening to all Black Voices

Find all the episodes here on the Frequency Podcast Network
Courtesy of the Frequency Podcast Network


2. Black Tea

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Hosted by Dalton Higgins and Melayna Williams ‘Black Tea’ is a podcast based out of Toronto created to –

“Bring important and uncomfortable Black community conversations out into the open, and to have some laughs while doing it.”

Teaser: ‘Welcome to Black Tea” – 2:30s

Some of the seventeen episodes include

  • Race, Gender & Canadian Politics
  • Influencer Culture
  • The Politics of Sports
  • Black Women in Media: Truth, Accountability



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3. Par-a-digm

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Par-a-digm Bio – “Paradigm is a podcast about the surprising and personal experiences that shape the way we walk through the world. These are intimate, character-driven stories that highlight big issues in our society. Each story is told by someone new with their unique perspective on the issue at hand, and sometimes with their own personal stake in the story. Host Stefanie Phillips will take listeners into these new experiences and introduce them to each storyteller. We all have our own stories. They might seem small. But they can have a big impact. Paradigm asks you to forget what you think you know and consider a different perspective.”

Looks Like Me, the second episode of the Paradigm Podcast focuses heavily on the history of racism in Ontario’s public school system; and goes into detail about one student’s very recent experience with anti-Black racism in school.

“It all starts with one not-so-simple question: when was the first time you had a teacher who looked like you? This is Shem’s paradigm.”


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4. Black Canadian Content Creators

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Hosted by Sherley Joseph the Black Canadian Content Creators was created to inspire those who have or are looking to start their journey into content creation.

This podcast often features guests such as Bloggers, Podcasters, Journalists, Authors, Writers, YouTubers, Photographers, Videographers, Directors, Musicians, Visual Artists, Producers, Content Strategists, Influencers, and more.

It focuses on spotlighting a wide range of online or offline Canadian creatives who identify as Black, African, Caribbean, or Mixed living in Canada or ex-pat creators living abroad and discusses who they are, how they started, how they started, their journey and inspirations.


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5. The Ryan Holtz Show, Spotify Podcast, Apple Podcast

The Ryan Holtz show is labeled as a safe space to allow yourself to dig deep. Holtz and friends focus their content on unfiltered conversations about confidence, business, entrepreneurship, marketing, fashion, and humanity.

Ryan Holtz is an award-winning marketer, keynote speaker, DJ, evocative entrepreneur and proud husband and father.


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6. The Scrum

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Hosted by Julian McKenzie and Tristian D’Amours ‘The Scrum’ is an award-winning sports podcast that focuses on Canadian Sports Media.



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7. Rogers ‘For the Love of Work’, Spotify Podcast, Apple Podcast

Dr. Sonia Kang host the Rogers podcast called ‘For the Love of Work.’

A podcast focused on finding practical solutions to today’s workplace challenges.

Episode two is called “Leaning into Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging”, and explores how you can contribute to a welcoming environment of diversity, inclusion and belonging. How to identify systemic racism. How to tell if a progressive company is addressing it properly. How to recognize and confront one’s own unconscious biases; and how to be an ally to colleagues from underrepresented groups.

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